Henry Ford Biography

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Henry For was an American industrialist, mostly known for his work in the automobile industry. Henry Ford was born in1863 on a farm in Dearborn, Michigan and grew up in a middle class family. Didn’t matter what it was, but he was always taking it apart and re-assembling it, seeing what he can find, he was always thinking outside the box trying to discover something new. Ford was known for his positive mind and leadership characteristics. His passion for engineering made him known worldwide and a huge business icon, becoming an inspiration for many more entrepreneur’s in the future. William and Mary Ford’s first child died as an infant, Henry was the first child that survived. After Ford she had five more kids, but when she was having her…show more content…
He made sure every product with his name on it was the best of the best. He picked the workers that he thought would try their hardest and put fourth all effort. In 1914, he was so proud of his workers that he announced that he wanted to share the profits of the business with the workers, he started giving them $5.00 for an 8 hour day. In 1914, $5.00 a day was really good pay, it would put enough food on the table for their families and then some. The workers appreciated Ford’s act of kindness so in return they put everything into their job, they were dedicated. The Ford motor company quickly gets named the top Auto-Mobil company in America with the total company output being 55 percent for the year. The next big project of Fords was to make an aircraft plant, making tri-motor airplanes. All of these new inventions and he still didn’t stop there, he also designed and even better model car called the V-8. After that he stops production of the Model T, and beings production on the model A. In Ford’s business days he also got into an argument with the workers union because he was hiring hoodlums and cops to work in the plant to make sure the workers were being good. The workers hated what Ford was doing so they said something about it. Next thing you know the union came to the factory and talked to Ford. All of these things Ford did are examples why he is one of the biggest business icons in the world. He changed the future of manufacturing. He changed the way consumers get products because now they can make mass quantities of the product so the price gets increased that’s why almost everyone was starting to buy a car in America because they could afford the new, handy invention. Ford also made it possible for us now to make more safe cars so the drivers won’t get

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