Thomas Edison: Captain Of Industry Or Robber Baron

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I. Introduction Thomas Edison, he is particularly worldwide known. But for what and how to start off the industrial revolution. One of the most epic time rising era in history the beginning of the creations, movements and life evolving era. Of the U.S.A. Everything has a beginning, was Thomas Edison a captain of industry or a robber baron? The time came man had evolve over time mass productions came to be. Everyone was working the land was crying and the earth was terrified the land was changing. The world was making an epic up rise to a new era. Life and work were getting improved and human knowledge did a shift that made everything change. A. Point one Thomas Edison a captain of industry or a robber baron? In the time of the industrial revolution, many terms were created to name specific people like a captain of industry would be someone that is an industrialist that would be a big time business man that created many inventions that will help that era change for better. Another term was a robber baron, the name itself doesn’t sound good does it? In the 19th century the term was made to describe a bloated American business Man. There would be many reasons that Mr. Edison can be named Captain or a robber. What do you think? The industrial revolution was the break of new life everyone was working the times were different. New things were being created.…show more content…
Main Points He had created over millions of inventions that made everyone happy because it helped people, Made life faster and better. Some quick facts about Thomas he was an inventor, born in Milan, Ohio he created wonderful innovations for the human race that made people live better. Thomas began to move his way up and became one first rate inventor in the

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