Nikola Tesla's Inventions

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Electricity is a basic necessity for life, and most people don't understand that it has come a long way. Through history, the electricity man you learn most about is Thomas Edison. What people don’t know is that many inventions of Nikola Tesla are the reason for certain things, and advancement of certain things that we have today. Who wouldn't have wanted to live in the time of Tesla, to experience his inventions first hand, and be a part of the newly changing world? To most people, he was the most mystical and dramatic figures of engineering, even though through some of his work it was a struggle to be known and legit. To other people, they don't believe that he started to spark the minds of many. With his work it started a revolution of inventing,…show more content…
In September 1898, Tesla revealed his new invention: a radio-controlled torpedo boat (Beschloss). It was the first representation of wireless controllability in history, in Tesla’s words, “a sensation such as no other invention of mine has ever produced”(Beschloss). In Tesla’s patent No. 613,809, he demonstrated how signals from the radio can remotely trigger switches, and then direct vehicles without wires, cables, or any kind of connection (Beschloss). Tesla realized the wide list of applications that his remote-controlled robots had, such as transporting objects to distant locations, and establishing communication with and exploring the “inaccessible regions”. The main area Tesla zeroed in on was military, the Germans during WW1 deployed a remote controlled motor boat full of explosives (Beschloss). Dawning on the advances of the military, commercial electronic companies started experimenting with their applications, ushering in the age when the remote control became a handy device to make the life for consumers easier (Beschloss). Soon Tesla experimented with his own vacuum tubes and…show more content…
Driven by mysterious observation of damage to photographic plates in his laboratory (Nikolas Tesla and the Discovery of X-rays). Apart from him investigations using the Crookes tube, he decided to design his own vacuum tube. Tesla designed a special unipolar X-ray bulb, it consisted of a single electrode that emitted electrons, with no target electrode (Nikolas Tesla and the Discovery of X-rays). He was the first to produce an X-ray image in the United States when he attempted to obtain an image of Mark Twain with the tube. Surprisingly, instead of seeing Twain, the image showed the screw for adjusting camera lens. Later, Tesla was able to obtain images of the human body which he soon called shadowgraphs(Nikolas Tesla and the Discovery of X-rays). The main reason that Tesla's work has not become more known was because of a laboratory fire on March 13, 1895, where most of his work was destroyed. The least we can do is appreciate Tesla’s pioneer work in the invention and application of

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