How Did Steve Jobs Impact Society

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The creation of Apple started a computer revolution, which allowed America to grow and move forward at a pace that America has never seen before. Steve Jobs grew up in Silicon Valley, and attended Reed college for 6 months before dropping out. Dropping out allowed Jobs to not only save his adoptive parents their life savings, but gave Steve Jobs the opportunity to bring to life an idea that would literally change the way America communicated. Apple was started in Jobs parents garage with Steve Wozniak. When Apple started in 1976, America modernized and evolved into life as we know it today. Steve Jobs showed citizens an easier way of life, a way in which people could communicate with each other with a few touches of a button. This allowed…show more content…
Personal computers became available to the public at affordable prices and has allowed people who would otherwise not be able to attend college to take courses online (Carey). As well as giving people access to achieve a higher level of education, Steve Jobs also left his imprint on the mind of many, since he did not attend college and accomplished so much (“Steve Jobs”). This was the largest impact that Jobs had on education. His story was truly the American Dream, one that transformed the educational paths that many people have taken. During the time that Jobs was taking the lead in the technology industry, college was important because society taught people that the only path to success was to get a college education. Jobs proved this belief wrong and paved a new path for success. Young adults use Jobs as an icon for the entrepreneurial spirit and take his lead in self-educating. Less students attend college, and more are trying to build their own businesses in hopes of making them into a multi-million dollar companies like Jobs did (Mendoza). With the development of Apple, “technology and internet have made it easier than ever to self- educate, as well as connect with people who are also driven, talented, and inspired by likes of Mr. Gates, Mr. Jobs, and Mr. Zuckerberg” (Mendoza). Jobs allowed for an easier entrepreneurial road than he traveled. Steve Jobs also impacted the Special Education department by producing a way for children to learn and communicate. Jobs’s creation of Apple gave these children a way to communicate and engage with the rest of the world through games, internet, and e-mail (“Steve Jobs”). The ease of Apple allowed these children a social connection through a screen. It was refreshing for them to feel like a part of society instead of disabled outcasts who had

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