Anti-Semitism In School Ties

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School Ties is one of the most exposing, entertaining movies ever made. It is a story of David Greene, who comes from a Jewish background, and faces criticism because of his faith, but because he is willing to endeavor over the many obstacles in front of him, he ultimately overcomes the negativity. This movie takes one on an emotional journey; the audience feels empathy with David as he ascertains a coveted spot on the football team and falls in love, and they also feel his anger and sorrow when his girlfriend leaves him because of his faith, and when his classmates believe he was the one who cheated on the test. A variety of issues that affect the life of many individuals is demonstrated through this movie. The confrontation of anti-Semitism,…show more content…
In the beginning of the movie, David Greene is a poor adolescent who receives a great opportunity to play football at St. Matthews because the alumni desperately want to a quarterback that can help the team to win. Nobody is critical of David’s social stature because much of the team figures out that he comes to the school on a scholarship. In fact, he was cleaning up tables after his peers but they were supportive of him. However, as soon as religion and faith play a factor in this, his peers’ bigotry bares its fangs. Anti – Semitism is the obvious causal factor in this circumstance because he receives almost no support from his friends, if one could call them that, but the opposite. They admired David because he brought the team up with his abilities, and they recognized his diligent work ethic, but their biases, whether consciously or subliminally, affected their behavior towards him. They wrote a sign with a swastika that wrote, “Go home Jew.” There is no reasoning for why a great person can all of a sudden become despised solely based on his or her faith. Many people despise the Jews because they had the false beliefs that are capital exploiters, and because they do not belief Christ is the redeemer. Even if these statements are true, it does not mean that every Jew would believe the same; David did not even come from a wealthy household, and his classmates knew about it. David has the right to belief however he pleases the same way his friends are Catholic however people conflate the issue far beyond it limits. This is the problem; there is no foundation for such discrimination with the basis being something different than the norm at that school. David is smart, caring, and athletic and all of those qualities exist within him, but being Jewish makes individuals blind to the being he was before. He is the same person except he

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