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Implausible and Inaccurate Evidence How can an author present his argument in order to make it more credible and plausible thus making his reader fully satisfied and content about his argument? According to Rich Kalgaard (2012) “The cultural and political left, in particular, has been pounding the pulp out of Apple for the sin of making the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products of Foxconn’s factories in Shenzhen China” (para. 5). In his article “In defense of Apple’s China Plants,” Rich Kalgaard criticizes many, specifically moralizing critics, for saying that Apple’s products are built upon workers’ improper treatment because Apple has contributed so much not only for its consumers but also for its workers. However, Rich Kalgaard should have used more concrete evidence to support his opinion. Rich Kalgaard is an American journalist, bestselling author, and award-winning entrepreneur. He was named publisher of Forbes magazine in 1998. On February the 2nd 2012, Kalgaard published “In Defense of Apple’s China Plants”…show more content…
He explains that Apple has provided a better life not only for its customers, but also for its workers by giving them generous salaries with splendid working hours and conditions. Kalgaard relies on statistics as well as his own personal opinion to support his point-of-view. Rich Kalgaard (2012) said “But it would be accurate to call the company relatively decent” (p. 2); but where is this decency? Research by Kaibin and Wenquing (2013) supported that Foxconn’s suicide crisis was mainly because of its imbalanced associate relations which deteriorated workers as important team-members, resulting in the deficiency to provide the ethos and principles of care and equity that was warranted. Between the 23rd of January and the 26th of May, 2010, 12 employees of Foxconn’s factories attempted suicide by jumping from the

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