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The five men responsible for creating the American Dream were John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan. These men lead the engine of capitalism and created the most popular industries we have today (e.g. oil, railroad, steel, automobile, finances). During the time of the Civil War to the Great Depression, these men portrayed traits of the Great Man Theory, in which their individual traits determined they established good leadership not based off their behaviors. Today, we see that times have changed and we are able to analyze a leadership role based on leadership competencies such as skills, knowledge, and interpersonal skills. The first man on the list is John D. Rockefeller who is known as an American Oil Magnate and the first ever billionaire. He was one of the few men in his time to be a philanthropist that was willing to give back to the community. His leadership style demonstrates qualities of that of an Authentic Leader who is…show more content…
He started the Carnegie Steel Company, which later merged with Steel Company to become U.S. Steel. From the profit of his hard working businesses, he started many foundations for world piece and education we see today. His leadership style demonstrated qualities of an Inspirational/Servant Leader; where he gave the people what they to the greater good for the whole. This mixture of leadership models showed that Carnegie understood what motivated him to serve others. Based on his willingness to go out to different communities to get to know people brought him countless collaborations and partnerships for his business. From Carnegie, we learn that as you grow into a leader you need to include diversity into your business or it will not become successful. It is important to live to give to others and to teach others to give, so that you can live a legacy like Carnegie has established for

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