Steve Wozniak Legacy

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Engineer, inventor, computer programmer are three elements that describe Steve Wozniak. Many people know that Steve Wozniak was an engineer of Apple, but he was so much more. As a well known engineer of Apple, Steve Wozniak, showed Americans that technology could benefit them in their daily lives. His legacy shows us to not give up when you fail. The early life of Steve Wozniak’s call to change started when he figured out that people could not afford to buy a lot of technology, and decided he wanted to help. His parents taught him to always try his best in everything he does. His dad, Francis Jacob Wozniak, came from Michigan and was an engineer. Engineering and technology had caught Wozniak’s attention, so he wanted to learn more. (Wozniak and Smith, pg 18) His mom, Margaret Louise…show more content…
One of the goals he achieved was finally finishing a device known as the blue box, that hacks into phone lines to make free long-distance calls. (Doeden, pg 13) Steve Wozniak quotes, “I simply took a year off to earn money for my fourth year of school. And then my career kept going up.” (Seiter, Website) This quote is showing that he achieved his goal to earn money and use that money to go to college and learn about technology and engineering. If he didn’t take a year off to earn money, he probably would not have enough money to buy technology and tinker with it. The technology and goals that were a success were all achievements that he had accomplished. Steve Wozniak’s career was full of travel and excitement. Steve Wozniak attended quite a few colleges. He went to Colorado for his first year of college, then De Anza Community College for his second year, and then for his 3rd year, he went to Berkeley. (Wozniak and Smith, pg 71 and 119) He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer sciences. (Seiter, Website) After finishing Berkeley in June, Wozniak went to find a place where he could work with technology

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