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Engineer, inventor, computer programmer are three elements that describe Steve Wozniak. Many people know that Steve Wozniak was an engineer of Apple, but he was so much more. As a well known engineer of Apple, Steve Wozniak, showed Americans that technology could benefit them in their daily lives. His legacy showed us to not give up when you fail. The early life of Steve Wozniak’s call to change started when he figured out that people could not afford to buy a lot of technology, and decided he wanted to help. His parents taught him to always try his best in everything he does. His dad, Francis Jacob Wozniak, came from Michigan and was an engineer. Because of the job he had, it caught Wozniak’s interest so Wozniak wanted to learn more.…show more content…
The personal problem, communication, was the cause of Steve Wozniak not having any friends until high school. He could not talk to anyone about technology because they would not understand what he was talking about. Steve Wozniak tried to be a different person by hanging out with hippies. He could not do it because he did not do drugs and he was a technology person. It was a hard social time for him. (Wozniak and Smith, pg 83) When Steve Wozniak was older, he experienced a horrible problem in his life that forced him to sacrifice part of his…show more content…
The way he was acknowledged by contributing to the world was receiving awards. One of the awards Steve Wozniak earned was the Grace Murray Hopper Awards in 1979. This award was given to him because he was a professional computer engineer who made a technical service contribution before or at the age of 35. (, Website) The National Medal of Technology by President Ronald Reagan was given to him on February 19, 1985. This award was given to him because he contributed to America’s economic, environmental and social well being. (Lusted, pg 11) This was one of the ways he contributed to the

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