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The Tempest Shakespeare’s The Tempest explores and divulges the varied influence of three prominent forces love, power and fate, displayed through the temperament and behaviour of individual characters. Love is explored through the contrasting hierarchal relationships, the indebt between Ariel and Prospero and the loyalty between Stephano and Caliban. Power is exhibited through Shakespeare’s depiction of dominance, Prospero’s governance over his servants and the submission Caliban displays under Stephano’s power. Fate is predominantly explored through Prospero’s conflict regarding his magic. The Tempest reveals the influence each force prior disclosed holds in regards to character development and the engagement of relationships. The exploration…show more content…
The depiction of indebted duty is evident in Ariels obligation as a servant, his love for Prospero derives from an incident with Sycorax whom Prospero was his saviour. Prospero’s love for Ariel stems from his gratitude regarding Ariel’s ethereal power and loyalty, displayed through Prospero’s praise ‘My industrious servant Ariel’ (4.i.33). Prospero adversely admits his love for Ariel upon request ‘Do you love me, master…Dearly’ (4.i.48-49), and through his promise of freedom as a sign of his love ‘Two days…I will discharge thee’ (1.ii.299). The contrasting aspect Shakespeare explored was the loyalty and love Caliban entrusted in Stephano, the love is reciprocated in a disbelieving and greedy manner. Caliban initially interprets Stephano as a god fallen from Heaven ‘Has thou not dropped from heaven’ (2.ii.183), hoping that he was…show more content…
The protagonist Prospero, holds a hierarchal dominance over his enforced servants Ariel and Caliban, though the treatment of both varies: Ariel often referred to as a servant whilst Caliban a slave. Ariel was initially subdued into Prospero’s service due to the indebt she held in regards to her life, though not reluctant to aid Prospero in his ventures ‘master… I will be correspondent to command’ (1.ii.296-297). Prospero constantly displays his power yet has upheld his promise to free Ariel of her duties ‘My free, and fare thou well’ (5.i.316-318). Caliban is forced to labour under Prospero’s advance, once referred to as a servant but later a slave due to the atrocity he committed ‘lying slave…violate he honour of my child’ (1.ii.371). The power Prospero holds regarding his servers is governing, Caliban was endowed with the same humane conditions as Ariel until his deceitful attempt of violating Miranda. The contrasting relationship where dominance is explored is that between Stephano and Trinculo and their humbled servant Caliban. The submissive yet resistant temperament that Caliban holds willingly worships Stephano due to his godly aura, constantly worshipping and displaying his loyalty ‘Let me lick thy shoe’ (3.ii.22). Caliban entrusts his power in Stephano, as he believes Stephano can destroy Prospero. After conversing with Caliban, Stephano

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