How Did Queen Elizabeth I Change

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At the time Queen Elizabeth had just gained power within England. People were unsure what to think of a new female ruler by herself. The rest of England under her rule was ready for a change. Whether it be reforms or religion. People didn’t know what would happen but they were surprised at the ability Queen Elizabeth I had when making decisions. As Queen Elizabeth I came into power she impacted England in both good and bad ways, she had an influence on foreign affairs, social treatment, religion, and reforms. Though she was mainly successful she still was unable to eliminate all poverty and rebellion. Queen Elizabeth had many affairs with other foreign countries. Her different affairs caused her to think and be careful in her decisions and actions. She had many suitors that approached her in hopes to marry and then have some control over Great Britain. They brought various resources and compromises.…show more content…
Queen Elizabeth was determined to do things her way. For example, she called her own Advisory. This benefited her because it was a group of trusted people that she could go to for help and guide her. Throughout her rule, she was able to have assistance when making crucial decisions. She was able to receive true opinions that greatly helped her. As well she wanted the government to work and function smoothly. One thing she did was downsized Privy Council and Royal Household because of its Catholic members. She wanted it to be people of all one religion so that they would be in favor. This was a smart decision so that she would be able to receive the best feedback as well everyone was with her so that the community and people would also agree. It was more efficient as she was able to have a small group that helped her make decisions. As well the decision to eliminate all Catholics might not have been super good for her but she still continued to thrive in her position. (Morrill and

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