Why Is Julius Caesar Still Relevant Today

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Remnants of Ancient Roman culture still stand in many parts of Europe. Parts of this evidence are the countless structures such as aqueducts and temples which give modern society insight onto the quality of life in Ancient Rome. Roads constructed by Ancient Romans still stand and are in use throughout much of Western and parts of Eastern Europe today. These Roman institutions allow us to imagine ourselves as Ancient Romans. It is important to see history in this way because it helps us understand the ways our lives are similar to the lives of societies before us. Perhaps even more timeless than these structures are the accounts and depictions of Roman life which are still relevant today. Art in the form of literature of Ancient Rome has survived and influenced the western world immensely. Ancient Roman stories have been retold countless times in the millennia since the fade of the classical era. Biographies have been translated, edited, and rewritten over many centuries and in numerous…show more content…
Shakespeare did not fully display the range of attributes that dignified Julius Caesar as a ruler of the Roman Republic. He did not emphasize the presence of Julius Caesar, and passed on the opportunity to give praise where it was deserved. Historical Julius Caesar may have been calculating and unafraid of challenging authority, but he was also a brilliant military leader and extremely gifted orator. He was excellent at manipulating situations and people to his advantage, but his eyes were set on creating a better Rome. Without Julius Caesar, Rome would not have become the Empire it is most notably remembered as. In his ambition, boldness, and strength historical Caesar was not much unlike Queen Elizabeth I of England. Perhaps it is for this reason their situations were so easily connected through the play named after him made during her

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