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lizabeth and Theodora In the two informational articles called “Elizabeth I.” and “Empress Theodora.“ Milton Meltzer and The World Almanac Show you to seeing that both Empress Theodora and Elizabeth I impacted their respective empires by making many changes during their reigns that improved conditions for their citizens. Empress Theodora improved rights for women and children and made the Byzantine Empire better for all people. “Justinian passed laws that raised the status of women higher than it had ever been in the empire. Divorced women were granted rights, such as the ability to remain guardians of their children. He allowed women to own property.”(the World Almanac 3) This show how she raised the status of women and children. Since she was able to make such a difference in the government,she is powerful and wise.”Other laws established hospitals, orphanages, and care facilities for the needy.”(the World Almanac 3) The citizens…show more content…
“England was a small nation at the time she ruled: less than four million people, about as many as live in Arizona today. But the English were a young people, coming to maturity with new worlds opening up to them, in the mind and across the seas. A rebirth of culture—the Renaissance—had begun in the 1400s.” (Meltzer,Milton 16) At first England was small but thanks to the Renaissance and Elizabeth it grew. Elizabeth was the best queen and helped England. “Not only did many fine musicians flower, but writers too, such as Christopher Marlowe and John Donne and Ben Jonson and Edmund Spenser. And above all, the incomparable William Shakespeare, whose plays were sometimes performed at court. Astronomers, naturalists, mathematicians, geographers, and architects pioneered in their fields.”(Meltzer,Milton 18) They all came while Elizabeth was queen. This also shows the power of her. Elizabeth was a amazing ruler and made something

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