The Most Dangerous Person In An Empire: Queen Elizabeth I

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The most dangerous person in an empire is the person everyone trusts the most, thankfully in this case the people of England needed not worry.Today, England has become a large and thriving nation, a world power, thanks to the strong foundation set by Queen Elizabeth I. Leaders are important for unifying a people, to work at keeping peace and having a stable growing world. When discussing the roles of a leader the quote by Harry Truman comes to mind that “ In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.” A leader acts towards to promote a success with all those that lack it. Before the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, her father,King…show more content…
Although Queen Elizabeth I didn’t follow the normal rules of society and was declared illegitimate, she is a great leader because she brought out a freedom of religion in England, saved her country from bankruptcy through economic growth, and expanded literacy and arts as well as expanded world trade and colonization. In a realm where many disliked Queen Elizabeth for her faith, she still managed to keep peace between two clashing religions. According to Briscoe Alexandra , Queen Elizabeth turned England into a protestant dominated society but severely tolerated catholics. She did not agree with them, but what makes her a good queen is that she tolerated differences. She also opened up the Church Settlement and got certain acts passed by parliament to protect religion/religious freedom (Alexandra). The queen knew it was important,so created a stable foundation so that other issues could be dealt with as well. Amy Blackwell states that she passed the Acts of Supremacy, which modified the monarch from the Head of the Church to the governor of the Church to appease unaccepting catholics. She passed the Acts of Uniformity, which made church attendance

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