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Many characters throughout history shaped countries and their ways of life. One such individual was Sir Francis Drake. An avid lover of the sea, Drake spent a considerable amount of his life out on the open waves. His devotion to his country and to the queen of England brought about turning points both in England and Spain. For the English, Sir Francis Drake fought wars, defending his homeland from the Spanish by sinking their vessels, an action of adversity. When the queen called upon him to lead a world circumnavigation, Drake accepted with pleasure, discovering places never found. Fearless adversary of Spain, hero of England, and voyager of the world, Sir Francis Drake won great renown for his accomplishments throughout his lifetime. Attacking…show more content…
Proving himself worthy of such a label, Sir Francis Drake exploited a city in Panama and rescued England from the Spanish fleet. Sacking the Panamanian city of “Nombre de Dios, which at that time had one of the biggest treasures of gold and silver” existed as a major success (Public Gettysburg). Returning to the Caribbean on a mission of revenge against the Spanish, Drake captured great riches from Panama to take back to his people in England. When Drake defeated the Spanish Armada, his reputation as a hero became clearer. As the Spanish drew nearer, Queen Elizabeth called upon Sir Francis Drake to see them through the battle, and he did not fail in his mission, successfully defeating the Spanish (“Francis Drake Explorer”). By providing riches for England through pillaging Panama and saving the English from the Spanish Armada, Sir Francis Drake proved himself a hero of…show more content…
By setting fire to the ships in Cadiz to outmaneuvering and forcing the Spanish Armada to flee, Drake expressed his enmity against Spain by his actions. Through examples of Drake plundering Spanish ships for England and rescuing them from the Spanish Armada, people can understand how he was an English hero. Sir Francis Drake sailed the Atlantic Ocean multiple times; however, after the queen of England charged him with the mission of circumnavigating the globe, Drake’s reputation as a cunning ocean-voyager became far more prevalent. Shaping England’s history, Sir Francis Drake played an important role in determining England’s extent of affiliation with Spain. Many individuals, from lesser-known to famous, change the course of countries and nations, and people should take care to not overlook the impact they

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