Rise And Fall Of Absolutism In Stuart England

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Thought the rise and fall of Absolutism in England between 1603 to 1714; we have seen the birth of absolute power and how it corrupted the monarchs with extravagant luxury, and also caused two major wars (The war against France and the Civil War). As well as caused the British economy to plummet because of funds given towards the monarch’s extravagant life and war funding. And finally the fall of absolutism and the change to a constitutionalism. This period of absolutism is also known as Stuart England. Stuart England began with the death of Queen Elizabeth I on 1603. Since Elizabeth did not have any inheritance, the rule was given to her nephew James VI of Scotland. The cause both Scotland and England to be ruled by the same ruler. James VI took the name James I and made England into an absolute government. In an absolute government, the government or monarch has absolute power either because of divine rule or force. The government has “all” the power and the people are no longer citizens but merely “subjects”. Now back to James I; he created an absolute monarch and used divine rule saying the monarch is “God’s Lieutenant”. Another trait of James I is that he had pure hatred towards the parliament. James I took another step in proclaiming his monarch official. He created…show more content…
Charles refused and started a war against the parliament known as the English Civil War. There was two sides of the war; the Cavaliers (King Charles I) and Roundheads (Parliament). Charles expected a “swift victory” however the Parliament had a “trump card”; their leader Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell was a master of genius of strategy, and the military. The wars outcome was the exact opposite of Charles acceptations. Charles was captures and executed. The Parliament created the House of Commons and declared England as Republic. However after the death of Cromwell on 1658 the new parliament place Charles II as the new

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