Elizabethan Era Religion

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During the Elizabethan Era, it can be observed that wars during the time were waged for reasons mostly about religion. This period of time was also a time characterized by war, economic depression, and political conflict. Roman Catholicism was forced upon the English citizens and in Wales during the era of Mary I. Protestants were persecuted and several more were killed as a result of heresy. Many Protestants left the country for the sake of their family and their own safety to Protestant states in Europe. However, all this changed on the death of Mary and the rise of Elizabeth I in 1558. Elizabeth was raised and educated as a devout Protestant and the change of religion was inevitable when she took the throne after Mary. During the time of…show more content…
As opposed to America, there no separation between church and state in England at the time. Typically, the nation was ruled over politically by the king and religiously by the Roman Catholic Church. However, the Religious Settlement of 1559 established Queen Elizabeth as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. Even though she was the head of the church, the queen did not indicate what the job of the clergy was and many of them kept altars and pictures and refused to destroy any equipment and turn away from what they believed before the change of religion. This resulted in confusion between the church and state. Also, this blurred the image of God for the Elizabethans. They were confused to think God was an angry and wrathful one, or a friendly and loving God. However, Elizabeth thought and hoped that by keeping how the Church was run, people would become used to the way it was. She wanted her Church to be likable and for it to be easy for people to agree with. Also, Elizabeth I wanted Catholicism to die out naturally as a result of protestantism becoming the main religion and the most popular
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