How Did Martin Luther King Change The World

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Introduction Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man and leader and he changed the world in many ways. He got involved with the Civil Rights Movement at a very young age before it was even called the Civil Rights Movement. He became a very influential leader in the movement and this helped shape his perspective on others. He felt that everyone should be equal and faced many challenges proving that to the world. All of the challenges and opposition he faced along with the people he met along the way helped shape his perspective on others. So how did Martin Luther King, Jr.’s involvement in the Civil Rights movement shape his perspective on others? The Civil Rights Movement took root in 1954 when the Supreme Court struck down the separate but equal doctrine that formed the basis of State allowed…show more content…
The driver of the bus tried to drive away, but they threw a bomb in the bus. When the second bus drove in, the people on it were beat by KKK (Ku Klux Klan) members with baseball bats, pipes, and chains. As this was happening, police just turned around and didn’t do anything. In 1958, Martin was signing books when an African American asked if he was Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course, he said yes. As a result, she stabbed him in the chest with a letter opener. He went to the hospital right away. He got lots of cards and letters telling him to feel better. The one that stood out the most to him was one from a white girl that said she was happy he was alive. This reaffirmed his faith in the American Public and his perspective on other people. Sixteen street church was bombed with dynamite and 4 young African American girls were killed. As a result to their death, the African American community rioted the streets of Birmingham. The FBI could not find the person/group responsible. There was a funeral for the girls and Martin tried to comfort
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