Racial Equality Movement: How And Why Did The Big Name

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Racial Equality Movement; Script Intro: What is the racial equality movement all about and why did the big names (Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr) begin the movement? The racial equality movement is about a few big names, usually black citizens of the world such as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, The Freedom Riders, Martin Luther King Jnr, Charles Perkins etc. changing the world for good, and stopping the separation of 2 “different” races (most commonly, blacks & whites) and bringing everyone, no matter what race or the colour of their skin, together. Question 1: Where did the racial equality movement mainly take place? The racial equality movement took place all over the world in countries such as America, South Africa, Australia, etc.…show more content…
The racial equality movement started in the 1950’s. It all began in South Africa when Nelson Mandela brought a group of black South African citizens together to peacefully protest for Racial Equality between the white and black South African people. There was also an Australian group of people called the freedom riders protesting against racism and trying to resolve the issue of different races, in that group there was an indigenous Australian soccer player protesting as well, Charles Perkins. Martin Luther King Jnr once read in a newspaper about an indigenous lady refusing the give up her seat on the bus for a white Australian. From this point on Martin Luther King Jnr decided he didn’t enjoy this racial separation between the different races of…show more content…
Who made the biggest impact on the Racial Equality Movement and what did they do? There were a lot of major people in the world trying the change the large differences between the races of the world but three large names really stand and have a massive change on this world’s societies. Nelson Mandela was one of those big names that have had big impacts on this world racial difference. Nelson Mandela was born on the 18th of July 1918 and died only last year. He was the president of South Africa at one stage where he majorly turned things around for good and the lead the black people of South Africa to freedom and made everyone in South Africa equal with the very same rights as each other. Martin Luther King Jnr, another major aspect of the movement of Racial Equality. Martin was a Baptist Minister and a social activist as well. Martin Luther King eventually lead the Racial Equality movement in the United States of America until his death in 1968 making a huge impact on the Racial Equality Movement. The last major key name in this movement was the Freedom riders. The freedom riders were a group of white Australian university students also accompanied by an indigenous soccer player by the name of Charles Perkins. They travelled around Australia to different towns, singing songs about the rights the indigenous Australians should have and surprisingly they were quite

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