How Did Greek Culture Influence Ancient Egyptian Art

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Egyptian art has been around since around 3000 B.C., and influenced many types of art. One of the main cultures they influenced was the Greek culture of around the 7th century B.C. Greek copied and stole many ideas from the Egyptians to create their artworks, and much more. Even their gods had many similar perspectives. The Greek people learned a lot from Egypt. Prior to them experiencing the Egyptian art, most of the Greek art was geometric. Egypt used a more naturalistic approach to their art, which the Greeks would pick up and begin to use in roughly the 7th century B.C. The Greek people had been going towards the Nile River to get to successful trading posts, where they encountered more eastern artworks, including that of the Egyptians. This contact with the art specifically influenced the poses of figural art in the Greek Culture, although it gave it a huge influence on other aspects. Egyptian artists and Greek artists both used naturalistic methods of art. Due to Greek stealing ideas from the Egyptians, many of their styles of art are the same. Although, Egyptians were forced to abide by laws, due to the fact that many of the artworks would be used for a pharaoh, while Greek pushed more for liberty and freedom…show more content…
The Greek began to experiment so much they would just use and draw their world around them. This is different from Egypt however because Egyptians artworks would be used for ceremonial or narrative purposes, only on exception were they used for expressional purposes. Another difference was Egyptians would paint large amounts of bodies with little features, strictly for representation, while Greeks would paint in depth paintings with a lot of detail, often using nude images, which Egypt rarely

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