How Did Zarathustra Influence Modern Society

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Short answer 1: Zarathustra was believed to be a prophet around the thirteenth or fourteenth century in what is now modern day Iran. Zarathustra was a priest that one-day received a vision calling for the end of sacrifices of the traditional worshipping practices. Zarathustra brought about the idea of one all-powerful deity creating monotheism. Zarathustra also created the idea of the power struggle between good and evil, Truth and lies creating the first religion that had its followers be ethical. Zarathustra’s teachings influenced most of the major religions of the modern world. His belief of monotheism set the stage for religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Zarathustra’s teaching of a good and evil are the foundation in these…show more content…
Homer is famous for his epic poems The Iliad and Odyssey. Both poems are the only insight into life around that time in Greece and are the only accounts of the Trojan War. Homer’s poems sculpt the history of Greece in the dark ages because his are the only writings and accounts. Homer’s writing was the beginning of western culture such as the sciences and arts. Homer’s style of writing laid a foundation for the recording of other events through history indirectly starting the recording of history for other cultures and other periods of…show more content…
Athens and Sparta were very different but each contributed different ideas. Sparta contributed their great military strength and their strategies to the expanding nations. Athens had the largest impact on other nations with their ideas on politics and democracy. The main impact the city-states had on the development of western civilizations was there politics and culture and their Polis. The polis established a strong community that was loyal and close-knit that would later be seen as patriotic and the idea of a

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