Utah Valley University Curriculum Issues

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In this research paper I propose to write about curriculum issues, because there are big problems in many universities all around the country. This problem concerns a massive number of students nationally and internationally. The main idea was to focus on this specific problem in the State of Utah, and I choose Utah Valley University as a good example. I think this problem is worth considering, because of issues such as unavailability of classrooms, concerns about teachers, and not having enough seats in a classroom will force students to delay their graduation. As a student getting close to my graduation, I have concerns for not being able to graduate on the time that I have planned due to curriculum issues. I aim to raise an awareness to this issue among current Utah Valley University students and the prospective students who plan to attend to the university. In my proposal, I have suggested financial and academic solutions to this problem in order to provide a…show more content…
Fixing this problem will allow students to choose Utah Valley University as their future college. Bringing more students at Utah Valley University every year will give the school the money to pay back whatever they borrow from different entities to expand their facility. In fact, the head count of the school's student body is projected to grow 48 percent by 2022, making it about 10,000 students bigger than the University of Utah. To accommodate this growth, administrators need to plan to expand both physical facilities and online learning. Analysts predict there will be almost 47,000 students at Utah Valley University by 2022, compared with about 31,600 now. Though about a quarter of those would be part-time students, the 32,000 full-time Utah Valley University students alone would still make the institution the largest in the

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