Mesopotamia Research Paper

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What are the similarities and differences between Mesopotamia and The Nile River Civilization? They were both civilizations developed around 3000 B.C but yet they’re social and political systems can be quite different. Let’s explore… Mesopotamia or “between the river” (in Greek) was a civilization that resided between the Tigris and Euphrates river. Mesopotamia was home to many city-states, such as the Sumerian civilization, as well as impressive inventions, cultures and learning techniques. These much like the Nile River Civilization who was known for their form of writing, their society, and their religion. The Mesopotamian’s society was simple. In Meso each city-state the rulers where responsible for maintaining the city walls, the…show more content…
This civilization was very advanced, not much more from the Meso civilizations, it included a more detailed and popular religion, unlike the Meso’s a way of burying some of their deceased, and art. The Egyptians hierarchy though basically the same as the Meso’s; treated their women differently and took care of the leaders after the passed away in a special way. The Egyptians held their women up to a high status and gave them great independence. A basic description of how women were treated can be said through this quote by Ramses II which states,” The foot of an Egyptian woman can walk where it pleases her and no one may deny her. But though women were so highly thought of they were excluded from all government work, but were able to be manufactures they could even be priestess. Now as for burying their dead, the Egyptians put their royals and eventually ordinary’s in great care, unlike the Mesopotamians who buried their dead but did not attempt to preserve them. This process in which the Egyptians honored their dead was called mummification, the preservation of the dead (of course). This really corresponded with one of the most important things in Egyptian society, which was religion. The Egyptians like the Meso’s were polytheistic and believed in the afterlife. The Egyptians believed that the afterlife would be much like life on Earth. As a result, they buried their dead with everything they would need for the
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