Essay On Women In Society

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Have the roles of women been stuck in the same place for too long? What have the female social norms been like throughout time? In what ways have women gone about changing the way society sets up their lives for them? Many times, we find ourselves trying to answer these questions when the reality is that we need to know more. The history of how women have been viewed, and what their social norms were, is very dense and highly extensive. The history of how women are viewed can be traced all the way back to Ancient Mesopotamia and the Old Testament. From the Ancient Egyptian masterminds to the mighty Roman Empire, there are stories, lore, and examples of how women were deified and how they were oppressed. For the majority of existence the world has been run by a patriarchal society. Throughout history, women…show more content…
Even in our current society there are still elements that give women a bad image. For example, rap and hip hop are well known for shining a negative light onto women. Throughout time women have been looked at, by their patriarchal, society as being inferior. The world is always changing. Women are on the horizon rising with the sun, and just like the sun they will be high up shining bright before we know it. Ancient Greece was a place of wealth and culture. The land was beautiful, and the city-states were bustling and full of life. Its hard to imagine that such a place had its down sides, however, this is true. Like many places in the ancient world, women of ancient Greece had very few rights within their society. For example, they were unable to own land. During this time owning land was for the rich and was one of the major ways to show wealth and power. Very few women had professional careers because their society deemed them to be the caretakers of the house and family. Their job was to have children, raise them and take care of
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