Case Study Anne's Housing Situation

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Anne’s housing situation is an obstacle. Her parents do not want her to move back into their home after she is released. However, she has no other options in place. It is important to understand what their reasons are for this decision. Perhaps they are in need of a break from being her caretaker. Anne would actually like to live on her own but has not yet applied for a housing subsidy. The waiting lists for these apartments and or voucher can be very long. It is important to speak with Anne’s parents to see if they would re-consider if weekly visits could be made to the home to ensure they are not becoming over- burdened or frustrated with Anne. Anne needs to agree to attend classes to help her gain the basic skills required to live alone and function outside of her…show more content…
What are her triggers and or feelings that cause her to have feelings of wanting to end her own life? Writing in a journal when these feelings are present will help Anne to address them in a more calm and focused fashion. To alleviate the immediate feelings of having to do something drastic right that minute….slowing down the thoughts. Arranging weekly or even daily sessions in either a group setting or one on one would be very beneficial in giving her an outlet. As opposed to the journaling, being able to hear yourself say what is upsetting you, scaring you or just frustrating you can be helpful learning how to manage it without having thoughts of suicide. Talking is very cathartic. Setting up these counseling sessions gives Anne a safe platform to bring up past issues of trauma that usually cause suicidal thoughts. Arranging transportation to and from these meeting through KVCAP is essential. Having her parents attend some support groups and or personal counseling of their own would be very helpful in their understanding of their daughter and possibly alleviate their normal feeling of guilt, wondering what they did to cause this or did

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