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The Ancient Greek architecture and its landscape are fascinating examples of designed spaces for public usage and democracy. Their theories and concepts should be reutilized in order to improve the conditions of the contemporary city. Jack Turner made an extraordinary documentary called What the Ancients Knew- Greece in which he reveals Greek thinking. Turner consulted experts in the reconstruction of the Parthenon, such as Tassos Tanoulas, architect-restorer, other experts like professor and mathematician Harro Heuser, and historians like Dr. Klaus Grewe to support his theories. Throughout history, technology has shaped our cities. In ancient Greece, a period from the 8th to 6th centuries BC to the end of antiquity, surprisingly the Greeks were an extremely advance civilization, in the sense of their perspective on life. According to Jack Turner’s research and consults with the experts, he states that “the Greek were the first to view the world with questioning eyes” (Wells 2013, 6). He also discovered that this was a time of birth for science, engineering, historical events, and beliefs, which ultimately reflects on their buildings and on the shape of their cities. In this period from the 8th to the 6th century BC, people believed…show more content…
They also knew that a city was more than just a business, government, or religious center. It was all three, but most importantly, it had to be a place where people wanted to live” (Macaulay 1974, 12). In this period the Romans developed their cities in open spaces where no city previously existed allowing them to predict the exact amount of residents before the construction began. Planners then using Greek concepts like grid system help them established adequate space for houses, shops, squares and

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