How Did Adolf Hitler Impact The World

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The man who put Europe and even U.S through hard work and misery, was a man named Adolf Hitler. He changed the 20th century and rattled it to its core. The impact Hitler had was a very massive one. Many individuals were impacted in many ways for example, socially, politically, and economically. If we still had him around now the world would probably be a horrid and hateful place. Hitler definitely changed the world and the look on leadership. He would always be remembered as the man who killed and destroyed millions of people just for the gain of power and success. Some might say Adolf Hitler had a negative effect on the world but, some might find it a positive effect. Let me tell you something he did positive. For example, when Germany was in the depression with many unemployed and no homes, Hitler took a chance to prove himself. He stood up and took a chance and helped the Germans. When people saw that he gradually helped them, they began to like him and trust him. The economy of Germany soared which made many politicians take a look at Hitler. Now, I know that may seem like not much of…show more content…
He destroyed many lives and families. Especially Jews and many others because of the unnecessary wars which he caused. World War 2 was Hitler’s first major impact in history. He did so many hurtful and horrible things. The most sad lasting effect was The Holocaust. Adolf Hitler killed many Jewish people, homosexuals, etc. and many will still remember until this day how that impacted the world. Many families were devastated because of this. Germans migrated to leave all that dictating and horrible violence just because one selfish man wanted to rule and control the world. In World War 2 he wanted to declare war and invade Poland so that Germany can increase in size and he would gain more authority and power. Hitler knew that would start a war in Europe. Thats how the most gruesome war all started and affected our

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