David Cesarani's Story Of Adolf Hitler As A Monster

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Hitler As A Monster Introduction Lord Acton once said; “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and there is no better proof of concept than the former leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler. As leader of Germany, Hitler started two of the most gruesome campaigns known to human history, one being World War II, and the other being The Holocaust. The goal of The Holocaust was to exterminate the entire Jewish race, along with the handicapped, homosexuals, and other “inferior” races. Why Hitler committed such egregious acts can be determined by examining Hitler’s lack of restraint, how isolation affected him, and what his capacity of evil really was. Though, as David Cesarani explains, Hitler wasn’t the first person to hate the Jews, as distaste for them had existed before Hitler, but this hatred stemmed from old religious disagreements.…show more content…
(Shirer 199). The act was insidious in nature, because though it didn’t make Hitler Germany’s official leader, it gave his party, National Socialist German Workers Party full legal control over the Reichstag. With this power Hitler dissolved all forms of checks and balances and rendered all other parties illegal. Hitler then declared himself Führer of Germany. This assertion of power wasn’t met with backlash from the public because in the German population’s eyes, Hitler did not appear to be a bad leader. He denounced the Treaty of Versailles, a problem that effected Germany in its post-World War I state and within months of taking control, Hitler had reclaimed the Rhineland and returned the German nationals home. He then proceeded to reduce the unemployment population from 6 million to 1 million in just over two years (Shirer 258). These among many other small actions, and his amazing oratory skills convinced the German population to wholeheartedly support him. With this support Hitler began World War II and later The

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