Why Is The Great Depression Important

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In order to assess the significance of the Great Depression, we must consider the different ways in which the Great Depression was significant. The Depression was primarily significant to Germany. The depression was an important, significant event. The impact was mainly on Germany and the Rise of Hitler. It caused some of the greatest problems in history, such as the stock market crash of 1929, unemployment of over 3 million Germans, and eventually becoming the worst economic turndown in history. The Great Depression contributed to some important events in the world, such as World War II. It also contributed to the Rise of Hitler, which is said to be one of the most terrible, dramatic, and unbelievable stories in time. In fact, the Great…show more content…
As the economic system slowly failed, it affected the democratic system and caused it to crash. Hitler failed to win over the working class in 1928. Most people were voting for the Communist or the left-wing parties. Hitler was failing at trying to win them over. The Weimar Republic was going through its “Golden Age”. Stresemann’s economic policies had helped solve many of Germany’s problems. Ironically, people didn’t want to vote for extreme parties anymore. Then came the Wall Street Crash. Businesses started closing down because of bankruptcy, several disagreements started, and several elections began. With all going on because of the Great Depression, it made the government appear to be powerless and incompetent. The Germans thought if they had a new team to run the government, they could find a way out of this mid-life crisis. The government did not and could not afford to give benefits to the millions that needed it. Like I said earlier, they were still recovering from WWI and other battles. This may have been bad for the millions of Germans at that time, but it did help one particular person… Hitler. People were already turning to extreme parties because they did not believe the Weimar Republic could help them. Once Hitler realized this, he took advantage of it. Hitler and Goebbels, a German Nazi politician, started to campaign. They made thousands of posters, and they made speeches and films to appeal to the affected groups. By 1929, the elections saw the Nazis got 107 seats in the Reichstag. In 1932, the Nazis got 230 seats, and it made them the biggest party in the Reichstag. Then Hitler started working toward becoming Chancellor. As important as this is, we cannot ignore the other problems going on in Germany dealing with the Great Depression. By this point, Heinrich Bruning had become chancellor. He

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