Argumentative Essay About World War 2

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World War 2 World War 2 mainly took place in Germany, Italy, and Japan. Yes, the battles did happen in pacific places, but these are the common country that they were fought. The war was mainly between Germany and Japan against the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, CHina, and Italy. There was other people who fought in World War 2, but these were the main people it affected that were in it.My thesis statement is that the war affected all of the country’s governments that fought in the war because of how much money it cost all of them during the 6 years of World War 2 going on. (World War 2) World War 2 first started on September 1, 1939, when Germany surprised attacked Poland.hen on later dates other countries started…show more content…
They captures this area because it was a main place for cheap traveling, and it was the only way weapons and anything got up in the northern country’s . Since Germany had captured Red Cross had made a threat to the German’s so they came up to Russia and The Red Cross prevailed in Moscow, Russia against Germany, and made the fight in the east virtually impossible to win for Germany. (John Allen) During World War 2, in the United States they had to have rationing tickets so they could buy thing daily goods. They had to have have so many of the tickets so they could buy milk, bread or anything else they would use during the day. They also had camps for Japanese-Americans were put into internment camps. They put the Japanese Americans in these camps if they were in neighborhoods they shouldn’t be in. They also put them in here because they did the attack on Pearl Harbor. During World War ll the males that would make the airplanes and the equipment for the war started quitting. So the females start to go into the factories and make the equipment. This was called “The Lack of Male WorkForce”. Rosie the Riveter was the main factor. She was convincing the women to start working in the factory, even tho it was a male’s

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