Night And Fog Analysis

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Resnais main focus and understanding is to portray the fact about how the Jews were treated under control of the Nazis. The documentary that is shown is considered to have no words in describing it. No matter what sorrow words that are used, the words and description of this documentary will never allow for the justice of the experiences the Jews had. Resnais tries to show what life was life for the prisoners, the AA officers, and well as the Schutzstaffel. The visualizations meaning is to see the actuality of the war. The grotesque, yet horrifying, images explain what brutality man had to face in the times of World War II. The context shown in the film describes to what extent of inhumanity the Jews faced. From the deportation…show more content…
Night and Fog portrays a few fundamental issues. It starts off with the events that took place in 1933, which was when the Nazis came into power. Rapidly, the nation began to come to action by building the concentration camps the lands of Europe for the soon to be Jew prisoners. The footage of the remnants of Auschwitz is there to accompany the explanation of the rise of the Nazi ideology. Furthermore, the comparison of what life was like for the starving prisoners in camps to the life of Schutzstaffel, paramilitary organization under the control of Adolf Hitler. After the Nazi seized power, the protection of Adolf Hitler was expanded by the SS to the Nazi regimes, internal security. There is a fundamental concept that involves the social problems of the state’s power. This interpreted the Nazis believed that the presence of Jewish people in Germany will only allow for problems and there needed to be power seized in order to abandon the Jews from the country. Night and Fog has an underlying meaning of how there was far
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