Examples Of Passage In The Looking Glass Wars By Frank Beddor

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Why do rites of passage change the way a book can be? A rite of passage in literature is the way an experience can change a person such as acting more mature in this case. Authors use rites of passages to build up a character in different situations. In the novel “The Looking Glass Wars”, Frank Beddor illustrates how the main character, Alyss Heart, goes through a variety of rites of passages. He uses these experiences to convey how Alyss transforms her character. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as mischievous, ignorant, and loving. In the book, Beddor illustrates Alyss as mischievous as he writes, “Got him, I got him, I got him! A laughing Alyss left Bibwit Harte frowning at the half eaten gwormmies in his hand and ran into the palace’s Issa Room, where (finally!) she found Dodge Anders standing to attention, waiting for her” (Beddor 29). When…show more content…
Beddor conveys how Alyss can be conflicted in the novel when she states “I don’t think I’m ready for all of this,” she said” (Beddor 134). Alyss is conflicted because all of the Alyssians are relying or her dearly because they are expecting her to defeat Redd and she is just not sure if she can handle it. Also, Alyss is starting to act more controlled than ever when she thinks “I can’t be angry. Won’t be. I conquered my anger in the maze. Must control myself” (Beddor 183). Alyss thinks this because now that she has been through the maze, it has taught that it is very important to control herself. If you refer back to the first quote, she was characterized as conflicted, but however, she can also be confident. Beddor shows an example of when she is confident when the rook says “I’d say she’s ready, wouldn’t you?” the rook said” (Beddor 171). When the rook says this, everyone agrees on how she is prepared because she has conquered “The Looking Glass Maze” and she starts to believe in

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