Examples Of The Afterlife In The Odyssey

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The Ancient Greeks viewed the after life was a very serious place. For odysseus he was able to see many people who has passed on. I see that it is known to give gifts and sacrifices to the dead and people have past. “Poured Libation to all the dead” 332, 26. which is a drink pored as an offering to the holy; meaning dead. In the Odyssey it is clear that greeks are very concerned and care much about the afterlife. I find it weird that they can socialize with the afterlife; which is the complete opposite of how humans are. The ghost are still not able to be touched in the afterlife; like how Odysseus tries to hug his mother one last time. As he thinks “Three times I rushed forward to hug her, and three times she drifted out of my arms” 338, 206-207.

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