The Looking Glass Wars Character Analysis

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“You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.”-Dr. Seuss. In life things will be given, but other things are going to have to be done alone. In common day literature, authors use this to show how characters change in novels. In the Looking Glass Wars, Beddor uses situations where characters are in desolation to mature characters in the novel. He uses situations where the characters go through, desolation, rites of passage, and conflict to portray changes in Alyss as a character. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as ignorant, churlish, and frustrated. When the author states “‘ Yes, well...thank you Alyss. But I’m afraid you won’t be so nice to me when…show more content…
When the author states “She was a thoughtful well-read young woman, with opinions on a variety of topics….”(Beddor 95 PDF) Alice is maturing as young woman and becoming more aware of her surroundings. Alice is conforming to the society around her ; the reader can conclude this by the way people in the novel react to Alice. When Beddor states “The marriage would please her mother. She would do it for her mother, for her family’s sake. (Beddor 99 PDF) Alice is being benevolent. She is considering her family’s wellbeing. Alice doesn’t want to do a lot of these things such as change her name form Alyss to Alice. The only reason she does it is because she wants to please her family. When the author writes “ Alice realized that whoever she was dancing with it certainly wasn’t her fiance...The stranger said nothing…” (Beddor 116 PDF) Alice is dancing with her bestfriend Dodge. The reader can conclude that Alice is starting to be oblivious to Wonderland, because she doesn’t know that she is dancing with the person she knew the most. I conclude after reading this part of the novel that when Alice goes back to Wonderland she will have many troubles trying to get enough power to defeat

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