The Changing Of Alyss In The Looking Glass Wars

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The Changing of Alyss What if an imaginary world is real and a character left that world for another world. How would the portal to another world change someone? Well in Wonderland there is a princess who has to leave her world and go somewhere else. In “The Looking glass wars” Aylss has to got through many challenges to find her way back. In the looking glass wars,Beddor uses conflict, tone, and imagery to reveal Alyss’s full potential as a character. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss was characterized as skillful, creative, and clever. The book said she was skillful because in the story it says ‘’Alyss had the most powerful imagination ever seen a seven year old in wonderland.”(Beddor 21) This is saying that Alyss is very strong in

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