Essay On The Role Of Confession In Anderson's Speak

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“Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and cleaner. I feel stronger for confession,” quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. Confession is a very important part of Speak by Laurie Anderson. When Melinda confesses in the book, like the quote, she feels free after confessing and like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. Confession plays a big role in Speak by giving Melinda the power to stand up to Andy and embrace her past. Before all else, Melinda starts to confess and express her feelings through art. During her tree project, she begins with being able to draw only dead trees displaying how she feels at the starting of the year. Then trying to create a perfect one later on to her final tree, a tree that has wounds as well as new growth. Her last tree mirrored her at the end of the book because she accepted her past and now was ready to grow after confession. Melinda then made a art project out of leftover turkey bones. The turkey bone artwork displayed her ruined Thanksgiving. It became metaphor for her situation. By putting a doll's head inside the turkey's…show more content…
Freeman she goes to her closet one last time to clean up and collect her stuff. When she is getting ready to leave, someone grabs her and pulls her back into her closet. She turns around to face Andy. He starts to yell at Melinda for telling Rachel that he raped her and he begins to get violent with her. He pushed her against the countertop and hitting her mirror, breaking it. She grabbed a piece of the broken mirror, held it against Andy’s throat and cutting him with her own reflection. The lacrosse team heard Melinda’s scream and banged on the door to help. Melinda has grown from being silent and paralyzed when Andy first approached her at school to now being able to scream and defend herself. When Melinda stood up to Andy he was unable to talk. It’s like they switched roles and Andy can see how Melinda

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