Housekeeping Case Study

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Introduction The definition of hospitality is: “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers” (Oxford-Dictionary [Online], 2014) . The definition of housekeeping is: “The care and management of property and the provision of equipment and services” (Merriam-Webster [Online], 2014). Housekeeping is a big deal in lodging industry. Hotels, resorts and any other kinds of lodging properties all over the world will still could earn success even if they don’t have any ballroom or convention hall, meeting rooms, swimming pools or even without restaurant. A clean rooms is one thing that every famous and successful lodging properties should have according to the size and the location of the lodging properties…show more content…
They will need a place to take a rest which is clean and comfortable, food and beverages service, a place or facility to socialize and meet with others, a shopping facility and surrounded by security (Martin, 1998). The existence of housekeeping departments is to ensure that everything is clean, maintained and keep the esthetic appeal of lodging properties (Kappa, 1997). In the past, a proficient housekeeper learned the way and step by step related to keeping a clean room or a clean property. Nowadays, the professional housekeeper and any other housekeeping worker are not only asked to know how to keep a property to be clean but also they need to know how to plan, organize, staff, direct, manage and control the whole housekeeping operations. Professional housekeeper and other housekeeping supervisory personnel are learning how to give good influences to other with a high level of quality, concern and commitment of working in housekeeping department (Martin,…show more content…
Seamstress. Seamstress will take care or even will make various things such as bed linen and uniforms for the employees. Seamstress also will take care of broken or ripped fabric items. 9. Clerical staff. Clerical staffs will take care of any computerize data or any other information related the office operations. 10. Specialists. This title will take care of some special property needs. For example, this title will be needed to take care of casino hotel who may need a special manager for their public areas. Another example is a historic hotels with some certain furniture which needs to be maintain by special staff (Schneider, 1999). In most cases, housekeeping has very small responsibilities in terms of cleaning food preparation, food production and storage areas (Kappa, 1997). An ideal division of responsibilities in big properties would keep the housekeeping department from having responsibilities that are related to the food and beverages department or engineering department (Casado, 2012). It might be seems more efficient to give all the responsibilities to one manager for control, but employees are most likely more careful and make less mess if they are qualified enough to clean up after themselves (Martin,

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