Racism In Racism

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Racism still hurts, it does even from the same racial group as the person. When it comes to black women, is a daily thing that is a problem. Me and beauty standards are a struggle with black women and the communities. Racism is shown throughout beauty campaign, unrealistic goals, and ideal body image. This is the struggle because black women cannot catch a break or be themselves without anymore saying anything the racism still hurts even more comfort. The course of a few years, America, and the world develop this ideal image of a black woman, and it creates this mentality and other women of color to meet those standards. It has become a competition along, the women on who has the best weave or butt. Instead, nothing but uplifting each other,…show more content…
Personally, body image is a big one for me because the stuff we consider beautiful now today are little black girls allowed being brought up looking at it like it's a goal. We cannot define beauty when it comes in all different shapes, sizes, and shades. The ideal body is a big butt, glass figure, and small feet. All social media, I have never seen so many butts in my life. Where I go to look it could be Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, and even Pinterest I see a pretty model wearing thongs. I look at those girls and wonder is it real or fake, or question myself they used to look like me. In college, people expect me as a black woman to automatically have a butt. When I don't have a big butt people get disappointed or an hourglass figure. Having a Nicki Minaj body is what is in style today and music videos give off that persona that this is what all black women look like. When women are too thin they look sick or when women are too fat they're eating too much, but all the rappers are claiming that they who want a thick curvy woman. Body image can go along with skin colors, now in the 21st century, we are just now seeing more and more dark skinned models campaigning for different companies. Back in the day, girls who didn't have light skin would hate their bodies because it was dark. We need to start teaching on young girls to love themselves love their bodies and how they are framed. Black girls could come in all different types of shades

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