House On Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street About the Novel The House on the Mango Street is a novel written by Sandra Cisneros. The novel is very popular and is translated into more than twenty languages. The novel was published in 1984 and also has won award called ‘Before Columbus Foundation's American Book Award’ in 1985. The novel received so much of literary importance and spotlight that has become part of the courses of many colleges and universities in the US and Canada. Over 200 million copies of the novel have been sold and are still selling till today. The novel, to the great extent reflects, the writer’s own life, revealing great impression of her childhood miseries and wishes on her mind. (Cisneros) The Novel is wrapped up in a deep insight of being…show more content…
Because of having a different language she had adjustment problems in Chicago which also brought problems to her social life. She is the only daughter in her large family of seven siblings, and hence could not get a smooth chance to gel up with the siblings too because of the difference of gender. The early life of Cisneros is reported to be financially poor. Her house is described to be among number of buildings. These buildings are described to be old and empty as if bombarded which made her feel even lonelier during her early years of…show more content…
Nanny’s company had developed into her a deep sense of responsibility that she had always fulfilled. Having her brothers very close to each other Esperanza never got chance to get attached with them to have them as ‘real friends’ rather siblings. She had been deprived of old, long, strong friendship bonds because she had to shift many houses due to the recurring problems in every house they lived. Older memories have a profound effect on her mind since she has nobody to speak to about the ups and downs that her mental state faced during the phase of her maturation. Esperanza is noticed to be a keen observer. She is multiethnic and looks at the culture and society around her as very much male dominated, because of the experiences that she faced, while her first time joined on work or before that when she was having a good day with her friends wearing kinds of shoes and asking everybody about how those were. She experienced different kinds of characters around her giving her different feeling with life of each of them.

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