The House On Mango Street Summary

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In the beginning of The House On Mango Street Esperanza and her family have just moved to a new house on Mango Street because the pipes in their old apartment had broke. Esperanza describes how although better than their old houses their new house is not what she was hoping for. Then she goes on to describe various aspects of her family’s physical characteristics and relationships. Shortly after moving in Esperanza meets Cathy her first real friend. Cathy tells her that her family is moving in a week but she will be her friend until them. Esperanza soon abandons Cathy in favor of Lucy, Rachel and Nenny, who she feels she has more in common with. Together they buy a bike to ride around the neighborhood. Esperanza and her friends go to Gils…show more content…
She has to do all the housework and often has to stay up late doing her schoolwork. A woman on the street gives Esperanza, Nenny, Rachel, and Lucy. The girls wear the shoes despite warnings from people in the neighborhood. The shoes cause a drunken man to attempt to kiss Rachel. The girls then hide the shoes and Lucy’s mother throws them away. Because of Esperanza’s cousins baptism her mother buys her a new dress but not shoes to go along with it. She is very embarrassed at having to wear her old shoes at the baptism but her uncle convinces her to go dance with him and she is happy that many people notice. Esperanza and her friends start developing hips and discuss what their purpose is. They all have differing opinions on what they should be sued for ranging from dancing to being able to distinguish themselves from men. Esperanza’s parents pressure her to get a summer job so she gets one at a photofinishing store. While there she meets a boy that pressures her into giving him a kiss. Esperanza’s grandpa dies and her father tells her that he will have to go to Mexico for the funeral. Esperanza develops a crush on Sire, a boy in her neighborhood. She envies his girlfriend, Louis and wonders what it would be like to be

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