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How would you react if you were told you could not participate in your favorite activity again? Would you shut down or would you fight and prove everyone wrong? Favre’s high school and college careers shaped him into the great athlete he was. Against all the odds, Brett Favre faced, he was able to persevere and come out an outstanding quarterback. Brett Favre attended Hancock North Central High School, where he played baseball and football. Favre played quarterback, lineman, strong safety, placekicker and punter in a primary run-oriented offense. After high school Southern Mississippi offered Favre a scholarship (the only one he received). He was originally recruited as a defensive back, but he wanted to play quarterback. Brett began…show more content…
In his junior season, Favre led USM to an upset of a number sixth ranked Florida State on September 2, 1989. On July 14, 1990 before the start of Brett’s senior year at USM he was in a near-fatal car wreck. Not far down the road from his parent’s house Brett lost control of his and flipped three times. It was only after one of his brothers smashed the window that Favre could be evacuated to the hospital. “All I kept asking was will I be able to play football again?” Favre said when his mom was riding in the ambulance with him (Brett Favre Biography). Doctors had to remove thirty inches of Favre small intestine and were told that he would not play football again. Six weeks after his wreck on September 8, against all the odds Favre led the Golden Eagles to a comeback victory over Alabama. Alabama coach Gene Stallings said, “You can call it a miracle or a legend or whatever you want to. I just know that on that day, Brett Favre was larger than life.” (Brett Favre Biography) The Eagles finished the 1990 season at 8-4. Favre, who never was 100% recovered from the surgery, ended up in the Senior Bowl and the East-West Shine Game (Brett Favre The Tribute). Favre continues to hold several

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