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I found The House on Mango Street a beautiful novel about a young girl named Esperanza who experienced the natural growing pains of adolescence while experiencing growing up as a Chicano-American in the United States. I found this book to be unabashingly truthful and relatable in the way the main character journeyed through one year of her life, which was detailed in this book. The way that Cisneros’ wrote small stories helped the reader picture the narrations of this young girl and her potentially scattered thoughts on her views of the life she was experiencing. The theme that I saw constantly throughout this book is that of beauty and what that meant to Esperanza from the beginning of the book and was able to see that view change throughout…show more content…
However, when the family finally moved from their apartment to the house on Mango Street it was not the house that she had pictured in her mind. Although this was a significant event in her family’s life Esperanza wanted a picturesque house in the suburbs with a colorful garden with blooming flowers. This is relatable to the view that she has in regards to her looks. Esperanza feels like she is not attractive and while her mother tries to comfort her Espernaza feels that she will always be awkward looking and it will keep her from finding someone and ultimately she will be have to stay at the house on mango street. In the “Four Skinny Trees” chapter Esperanza compares herself to the trees that are outside of her home. She believes that the trees and her have an unspoken likeness that only each other understands. Esperanza believes that they have many things in common, for instance, she feels as if the trees are tall with sharp parts jutting out all over the place and she relates this to the way that she feels about her body and the awkward and unhappy way she feels towards

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