House On Mango Street

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The author writes this text to show how this character tries to hide who she actually is. She doesn't want to be known as the girl who lives on Mango Street. She wants to be able to point to a beautiful house and say that's her's, a house not on Mango Street. The reader should take away how a lot of people in reality try to change who they are or hide where they came from to fit in and to look better. Yes, it can be embarrassing to not have such a lovely home, but it's okay. This quote shows how the character's family moved so much because they never had enough money to stay at a permanent home. All of the homes they lived in weren't the best condition since the family only had the money they had, so there had to be some flaws in the home. Esperanza, the narrator, tries to cover up where she lives because she's embarrassed how ruined it…show more content…
They see this neighborhood as a dangerous place and that they should never pass through. That's what people see in the people who live there; however, if it was their own race, they would feel safe. If not, they try to get out as soon as possible. The author wrote this text to show how this is true. If people are in a neighborhood where it is not their own kind, they don't feel safe because they don't know what the people in the neighborhood would do. In reality, the people are harmless. It can be their own race and something can happen. Society believes they should always be afraid of other races. That's why there are so many discrimination and attacks against other races. Anything can happen to anyone, that's a fact. Esperanza is embarrassed of where she lives and she would never want to live her or come back to this neighborhood until someone rebuilds Mango Street. Many of the houses are ruined and torn down to the point where it is tolerable to live. However, the mayor doesn't want to do anything about that, so Esperanza

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