House On Mango Street Analysis

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In the books House on Mango Street by Sandra Cinseros and Written in the Sky by Matthew Kaopio the main characters, Esperanza and ‘Īkauikalani, are both trying to find themself. With the help of those around them and the troubles they faced, they were able too. Where you are from can determine who you can become because the people around you can influence your choices, help you understand your self, and your hometown can inspire you to be something greater. The people around you can influence your choices and who you can become. For example, Esperanza looks up to strong women such as Marin. When Esperanza saw Sire she acted how Marin would’ve acted. Previously, Marin and Esperanza encountered some boys when walking down the street. “Marin just looks at them without even blinking and is not afraid” (Cisneros, 27). Then, when Esperanza saw sire staring at her, she “look[s] back hard… like he was glass”…show more content…
For instance, Mariah Wong was not only closure forʻĪkau’s Grandmother; she also helped ʻĪkau find his self. Mariah “helped him find inner peace” (Kaopio, 133). She taught him about his name, “ʻĪkauikalani. The answer in the heavens” (Kaopio, 127) and through that she helped build his confidence. ʻĪkau realized how much meaning and power his name has and is no longer ashamed of it. “Heʻd learned that good things could come out of tragedy” (Kaopio, 133) and was thankful for the good that he received. In the beginning of House on Mango Street, Esperanza hated her house and felt as if it wasn’t hers. She constantly denied her home and when speaking to Alicia she said that, “I don’t ever want to come from here” (Cisneros, 106). But at the end of the book, she accepts Mango Street as her home. The talk with Alicia, and earlier, the three sister, brought her back to reality. All of them told her that she “will always be Mango Street” (Cisneros 105), which Esperanza soon
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