Hobbes Vs Locke Essay

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Hobbes and Locke who are two of the most important thinkers in history; had very different ideas from one another when it came to humans and their behavior. Locke and Hobbes were both social contract theorists and are both natural law theorists, but that is where the resemblance ends. As a philosopher Locke believed that people were good by nature and that they have the right to overrule their government. On the other hand Hobbes believed in monarchy and that people were wicked, selfish, and cruel and would act only behalf of their best interests. There are many theories and ideas when comparing these two philosophers. However, I'd agree more with Lockes philosophy when it comes to human behavior and the state of nature. Between Hobbes…show more content…
However, if the government was absent in the community ; life and human relations would have the slightest changes due to the fact; all people were born with rights by their nature. The laws that the government makes keeps eveything organized and sets laws to protect ones society. Without a government the inalienable rights will end up being unprotected and will then end up bringing chaos to everyone once someone disagrees or goes against all the natural laws. But then as Locke would say "people could be trusted to govern themselves if needed," which is a statement that I second on because of my knowledge; that humans would be able to survive well as long as they are influenced and are experiencing the right things. As Locke continues to talk about the positives of not having a government ; Hobbes ends up doing the opposite. Hobbes idea about not having a government present is that man would not exist if it wasnt for the power of the state which I believe is not true because the government isnt the one who created mankind and should not have a say on how humans live their lives by assigning a common master just in order to keep life and relations to peace. Therefore with Lockes logic peace is the norm ,and should be the norm because everyone

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