House On Mango Street

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While finding the books about marginalized women and poor people, I found a writer named Sandra Cisneros. Most of her poems and novels dealt with various issues on immigrants from Latin America, especially weak and marginalized women and poor people's hard lives. 'The House on Mango Street' is the her best known novel. This book received mostly positive reviews when it was published in 1984, and it has sold more than two million copies worldwide. This was the very proper book I had been looking for. I had curiosity about this book. So I decided to read 'The House on Mango Street'. This story is about a girl named Esperanza. She lives in a shabby house located in the slums that poor migrants come from Mexico are living. She leaves to look for a house that she is painted in her the mind. This story revolves around the journey during the nine years. This novel was written by Sandra Cisneros. The story of charity consists of 44 short stories. They give the impression separately. But They are organically connected and have excellent completeness. This book has a lot of stories. So, There are many characters in the novel. I introduce…show more content…
nacho. Esperanza's mother bought clothes and a pair of socks for a infant baptism party, but forgot to buy a pair of shoes. Unavoidably, Esperanza went to a infant baptism party with old shoes. When her cousin asked Esperanza to dance with him, she refused his ask because of her old shoes. But when Mr. nacho talked to her, she was the most beautiful girl in this place. As Esperanza started to danced with him, she took her mind off the old shoes. Esperanza described her position calmly and levelly despite of her miserable situation. Also, she didn't lose hope that things are getting better for her. Paradoxically, we can see her sorrow in this scene that she danced with Mr. Nacho pleasantly. That's why I impressed with this

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