Age 68 Tomasa Rodriguez: Personal Narrative Analysis

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As I sat on my kitchen table and waited for my grandmother to get situated, I saw in the corner of the computer screen her fresh flowers, yellow roses, like always. She was getting a cup of coffee, and fixing herself a bowl of fruit like she usually does on a Sunday afternoon back from church. We were more than 800 miles away and my grandmother still made me feel like I was in her home. When she finally sat down she brought to my attention the picture of her in front of her first restaurant, and at that moment I felt the most proud of her. At age 68 Tomasa Rodriguez is proof that hard work and dedication always pays off. Hard work has always been part of Tomasa life, from a child to her present life. She grew up in an underprivileged home; both her parents were Mexican farmers and needed help with their crops. At the age of 10, Tomasa along with her other brothers had to drop out…show more content…
Tomasa designed her second restaurant in a to-go style because the city was such a busy place. She named the restaurant “La Cocinita II”, this restaurant was originally arranged to be opened on July of 2014, after much hard work tomasa was looking forward to opening a new chapter in her life. Unfortunately life had different plans, just a week before the opening of the restaurant one of her sons was severely injured at work and was hospitalized. This caused Tomasa to postpone the opening of the restaurant to September. With tears in her eyes Tomasa told me how they had to temporarily close, after her son kept getting worse and unfortunately dying on December 1st. Destroyed after her son's death, Tomasa considered closing both of her restaurants for good. Nevertheless Tomasa reopened both of her restaurants on February 14, 2014. "Even when things are at its worst, always remain faithful" she told me as she wiped the tears from her

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