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“Today Hip-Hop is for many a way of life, a culture that is intricately woven into every aspect of young people’s daily lives”(Taylor). This quote speaks to large emphasis that hip-hop has on the youth's culture.Hip-hop helps the communication of our youth of today. Hip-hop has made a big impact on our youth of today. One of the biggest issues of today is communication, and being socially aware of what’s going on in the world. Many parents try to talk to their kids about things that’s happening in the world that they don’t understand, but when their favorite rapper talks about it, they understand it. Although, some people believe that hip-hop has dwindled our youth’s vocabulary, the music has caused more African Americans to become politically…show more content…
when one know what they are doing then one will not have to keep asking people “ How do you do this?” “When do you do this?” Etc. “As, a genre in which music takes a back seat to words, rap provides a unique vehicle for the communication of alternative, politics narritives by actors who, have traditionally been denied access to main stream “News “ media”(Q1-12). Hip-hop communicates with kids in a way in which they understand. Consider the case of Nikki a highschool student; she was in her life class, and they were talking to her about real world situations.One of their topics were about money management. They explained that she has to be cautious of what she spends her money on. She didn’t fully understand what they were talking about. As she was walking home from the bus stop, she was listening to music. A verse came up and it stated: “never spend your money on foolishness take care of your business.” As it resonates through her head she begins to understand it; She then starts to watch where her money goes. When you know how to spend money you actually start to save a lot of money. Once you start to get money you put some to the side the important things then have a little extra for the extra junk that you want, and now you have

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