Biggie Smalls: Gangster Rap

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“Gangsta rap made me do it.” Rapper and Los Angeles native, Ice Cube, stated it best in his 2008 hit. In the early 1990’s a subculture emerged that transformed rap music entirely and went on to affect an incredible amount of young people. Amidst rioting in Los Angeles and the election of President George Bush after Ronald Regan, this culture began to form as an outlet for young African American men to vent their frustration growing up in impoverished, neglected, and drug-ridden areas. These young men were given a voice and used it to shed light and give perspective on life from inside the belly of the beast. Gangster rap has many critics, because it is believed to have influenced violent behavior in young people of all socio-economic backgrounds,…show more content…
For example after he came out with the music video to Hypnotize where he wore a suit made out of shinny fabrics, many later followed in his path. Also another thing that keeps the memory of Biggie Smalls Still Alive, is the annual black tie dinner that his mother Ms. Wallace holds. All the proceeds that are made from the event go to his foundation called the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, which raise money for kids who need school supplies. This article helped me out because I got a lot of good information on Biggie Smalls who was one of not if they biggest names on the east coast at the…show more content…
This article is helpful to me because it talks about Brooklyn in the 1990’s during the golden age of hip-hop. It talks about some artists and where they are from. Hip-hop is a way of life for some people. The music is way to talk about how they feel and where they have been and what they went through. Every time you listen to a song that one of these artists creates you need to focus on the lyrics and what they are saying you will hear the story they are trying to tell. Such as Biggies Smalls who said “used to steal clothes, was considered a thief/until I started hustling on Fulton Street”, he said this in his song Guaranteed Raw. He said this because he lived on these streets as a kid and he used to sell drugs

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