Racism Exposed In Friday Night Lights

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In the town of Odessa, Texas, the spirit of Football thrives like no other, much like the school of Permian High School. Here football is everything to the students and even more to the players, to the point where the school is flawed in many ways. Upholding football over education, the players are seen as celebrity in their own towns, leading to the culture of the small town to be football orientated. However, things turn out for the worst for this school, with their lack of focus on education where a player is 2 years behind, students stressed, and even suffering losses that impended many of the players careers. Along with hints of racism still remaining in the town, and area. Friday Night Lights was written to discuss many issues, one of…show more content…
Prime victim of this system is Bobbie, to him ball is life, other than that it isn’t very positively looking for him on his high school career. Falling behind two years, reading level of a 5th grader, and even adding on another year just to go to college football. Heavily sympathetic character in the story, having it hard, but fails suddenly fast, his high school career is similar to a line of dominos, the more you keep adding the more you lose. This is the case with Boobie, everything was set up for him, passing class without doing a single thing, as long as he plays of course. Suffering a career ending injury, his life comes crashing down on him, as stated in the book, without football he is a nobody like many of the other students that play football. Along with Permian, another great failure of the system was As short term effects may be great for students like Boobie, nevertheless the long term effects destroys everything for the students, which is completely unacceptable, as they must strive to achieve success in and outta the field. Honesty is not known in the world of Texan football. Highlighting the decisions and choices of the schools to achieve success. Playing the system into your hands allow you to play players is disgusting, changing the system to work for your own

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